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Over its 50 issue history, CFA magazine has evolved from a modest newsletter to an 84 page perfect bound, full color glossy publication. Written by the world’s leading scholars in the field, and moderated by the foremost classical martial art instructors, CFA magazine is widely regarded as the premier publication of its type.


We publish technical and historical material that is authentic, interesting, and of considerable cultural value. All material is verified for accuracy, professionally edited, and reviewed repeatedly before publication. Frequently quoted as a source in serious research publications, Classical Fighting Arts magazine is the publication that all others are judged by.


Official acclaim was added to that of the public when in 2010 the government recognized Okinawa Ken Karate Do Rengokai awarded CFA magazine its prestigious, Award for Literary Excellence.


The Most Respected Publication


The reputations of our contributors and the quality of the content they produce has made Classical Fighting Arts magazine America’s fastest growing and most respected martial arts publication. Dedicated principally to Oriental martial systems, we embrace all legitimate fighting arts including, Muay Thai, English prize fighting, Boxe Francais Savate, European fencing, all of which appear in our magazine from time to time.

Contributing Editors

Wm. Acevedo M. Eng.
Kiko Asai-Ferreira B.A.
Robert Dohrenwend, Ph.D.
Alan T. Francis, OBE
Matthias Golinski, M.A.
Charles Goodin, J.D.
Elizabeth Guo, B.A.
Stanley Henning, M.A.
David Hooper, Ph.D.
Brian Kennedy, J.D.
Jeffrey K. Mann, Ph.D.
Mario McKenna, M.Sc.
Gary Masterson M.D.
Richard Nguyen, M.D.
Graham Noble, B.Sc.
Guy Power, M.A.
Robert Redmond J.D.
Dan Smith B.Sc.
Charles Swift, B.Sc.
Mark Tankosich, M.A.
Andre Tippett
Henning Wittwer

Kousaku Yokota

Technical Advisors
Nobuhide Asato
Fumio Demura
Minoru Higa
Morio Higaonna
Hung Ting Seng
Seiyo Itokazu
Takehiro Konishi
Yoshio Kuba
Takayuki Kubota
Eiki Kurashita
Yukiyoshi Marutani
Chosei Motobu

Tsutomu Nakahodo
Toshihiro Oshiro
Zenpo Shimabukuro
Katsuhiko Shinzato
Shigeru Takamiyagi
Iken Tokashiki

Ryuko Tomoyose
Tsuyoshi Uechi
Kunio Uehara

We Are Committed...

…to producing a magazine that is accurate, informative, and entertaining. A magazine that researches the history of the martial arts, records the present, and that is in many ways determining their future.


Our jointly organized and sponsored instructional programs with the Okinawa Ken Karate-Do Rengokai are widely recognized as innovative and highly effective cultural outreach programs that are held in the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan in Naha City, and the Okinawa City Budokan, Okinawa, Japan. These are unique “immersion courses,” featuring personal instruction over an extended period from the most senior karate masters in the world.


More than 300 international students from Australia, Bahrein, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, the United States, and United Kingdom, have already graduated from this program and received certificates of completion issued by the Okinawa Prefectural Karate-Do Alliance (Rengokai). Originally held annually, to satisfy demand from the international karate community, CFA/Rengokai Seminar events are now held every April and October at the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan, in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan.

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Vol. 3 No.8 Issue #58


Classical Fighting Arts Magazine

From Vol. 2 No.27 (Issue #50) the volume number of CFA magazine was changed to reflect the fact that we had a new distributor. However the Issue number runs consecutively, so the current issue, is Vol. 3 No.8 (Issue #58). To avoid confusion, in future we will identify specific magazines by its issue number.


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CFA Seminars in Japan & Okinawa

Fall 2020

October 3rd– October 15th


The Okinawa Prefectural Budokan, Naha City, Okinawa.


Accepting applications now for all events at or by calling: (818) 889-3856

and by e-mail:



Classical Fighting Arts magazine Vol 3 Issue #59 is currently in production.


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