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Classical Fighting Arts magazine is a highly respected quarterly journal that publishes well-researched, historically and technically significant material that is widely regarded as the most valuable English language reference to Asian martial arts.


Our contributing editors—the very best in their respective fields—produce work of the highest quality, that is frequently cited by other writers and researchers, and widely admired by the legitimate martial arts community.


Uniquely for a journal with such a strong academic pedigree, our publishing format is modern, graphic, and full color. Supported by a vast image library established in 1968, the acquisition of new images is an ongoing task that involves professional photographers, using the latest equipment from Leica, Haselblad, Zeiss, Rodenstock, Schneider, and Nikon.


Perhaps our greatest martial arts resource is the technical committee that supports and overseas our work. This group includes some of the most famous and talented martial arts instructors including three designated; “Living Intangible Cultural Treasures” by the Japanese government.


Each back issue of CFA is filled with factual, interesting, immensely readable material on the martial arts of Japan, China, and the Okinawan Archipelago. Combined, they form a library of enormous value to the serious martial arts practitioner.



Classical Fighting Arts vol. 2 #1

• Goju Ryu Karate: An Interview with An’ichi Miyagi
• Taekwondo: An Historical Appraisal
• Karate First Day Covers: The Naihanchi Stamp
• Notes on Bassai Kata
• Okinawa Kata Classification
• A Meeting with Chosei Motobu
• Sub Lu Tang: Fighter, Scholar, Image Maker.


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Classical Fighting Arts #2

• Traditional Karate From Birth in Okinawa to Death in the Olympics
• The Truth About Taekwondo: Scandals, Scoundrels and Skullduggery
• Karate Fist Day Covers - The Kumite Stamp
• Toyama Ryu Batto-jutsu- Sword method of the Imperial Japanese Army
• Tong Zhong Yi Chinese Wrestler, Author, Organiser


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Classical Fighting Arts #3

• Suparinpei: Goju Ryu’s Supreme Kata
• Traditional Karate From Birth in Okinawa to Death in the Olympics, Part 2.
• James Mitose’s Kempo Karate
• Japanese Swordsmanship: Toyama Ryu Iai Part 2
• Remembering Taizaburo Nakamura Sensei
• Jiang Rong Jiao-Mater Martial ArtistNunchaku - Ryukyu •Kobudo’s Most Misunderstood Weapon.


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Classical Fighting Arts #4

• Traditional Karate From Birth in Okinawa to Death in the Olympics, Part 3
• Karate Stamps - First Day Covers
• Motobu Udundi - An Interview with Matsuo Kanenori Sakon
• Kei Miyagi - The History of Karate
• Shintaiikudo by its Founder Sensei Makoto Hirohara
• Sun Xi Quan and “The Real Teaching of Ba Gua”


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Classical Fighting Arts #5

• Some Notes on the Evolution of Modern Karate
• Dan Smith, Seibukan Karate Pioneer: An Interview
• Ju-Jitsu v Wrestling & Boxing
• Magical Martial Arts:What Really Makes a Best-seller.
• The Problems with Toude and Karate
• Karate Ni Sente Nashi: What The Masters had to Say


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Classical Fighting Arts #6

• Some Thouhts on the Vital Points
• Dan Smith, Seibukan Karate Pioneer: An Interview Part2
• Ju-Jitsu v Wrestling & Boxing,
Part 2
• Taiwan Martial Arts Festival
• Taiji Kase Sensei - An Orbituary
• An Interview with Keiji Tomiyama
• The Chinese Sai & Jutte


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Classical Fighting Arts #7

• Death Touch, Fact or Fiction! Part 2
• Bushi: The Gentlemen of Karate
• Shotokan Legend Hirokazu Kanazawa
• Chinese Police and the Martial Arts
• Keiji Tomiyama of Shito Ryu
• Juhatsu Kyoda: Forming Personality Through Karate


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Classical Fighting Arts #8

• Ch'i (Ki) and the Martial Arts
• Kentsu Yabu's Senior Students in Hawaii
• Shotokan Legend Hirokazu Kanazawa Part 2
• Buddhism and Karate
• General Ch'i and the Roots of Heian Kata
• Success in Chinese Wu-Shu Training


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Classical Fighting Arts #9

• Reflections on the Power Of Ch'i in the Martial Arts
• The Why of Bunkai-A Guide for Beginners
• Bartitsu-The New Art of Self-Defence
• Wu Xia-Art Imitates Life-Life Imitates Art
• Jigen Ryu Swordsmanship and its Influence on Karate Do
• The Ways of Buddha & The Empty Hand


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Classical Fighting Arts #10

• Memories of a Karate Man by Miyagi Hisateru Translated by Mario McKenna, M.Sc.
• Reflections on the Power of Ch’i and the Martial Arts Part III • by Harry Cook, B.A.
• Karate-Do No Kokoroe — The Teachings of Karate-Do by Chosin Chibana. Translation and Commentaries by Pat Nakata
• Bartitsu —The “New Art of Self-Defence” Part II by Tony Wolf
• Jack Dempsey-Master of Xingyiquan by Brian L. Kennedy, J.D. and Elizabeth Guo, B.A.
• Katsuhiko Shinzato’s Whole Body Karate by Charles Goodin, J.D.
• Taiji Kase: A Fond Farewell by Graham Noble, B.Sc.
• JKA Shotokan Karate — Thoughts From Japan by David Hooper, Ph.D.


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Classical Fighting Arts #11

• Choki Motobu's Lost Interviews from 1936
• O Sensei Ueshiba: Aikido Memoirs
• The Last Samurai: Karate Master Kentsu Yabu
• The Evolution of Karate-do Kata
• Kenwa Mabuni: Practice Kara Correctly
• Chinese Pici Weapons Fighting
• Zanshin: More Than Words


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Classical Fighting Arts #12

• Are There Really Different Styles of Karate?
• The Evolution of Kata & Bunkai Part II
• The Karate Odyssey of Pat Nakata
• Aikido Memoirs Part II: Training with O Sensei Ueshiba
• Bruce Lee and The Jing Wu Association
• Martial Arts Tricks: How to Pose As A Strong Man
• Samurai and Guns
• The Imaginary World of Buddhism and Martial Arts
• Martial Arts Legends: Taizaburo Nakamura, 10th Dan


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Classical Fighting Arts #13

• Marutani: The Ultimate Competitor
• Japan Karate Association: Alive and Kicking
• Death Touch: The Medical Facts
• The Karate of Pat Nakata Part II
• Jiffa: Okinawa's Deadly Hairpin
• Taijiquan: The Fighting Art
• Martial Discipline and The Way of Peace
• Funakoshi: Shotokan's Founder
• Professional Sport and Traditional Karate: A Winning Combination


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Classical Fighting Arts #14

• Enoeda: The Shotokan Tiger's Jiin Kata
• The Lost Art of Kojo Ryu Karate
• Karate Odyssey lll: An Interview with Sensei Pat Nakata
• Karate's First Generation: In The Beginning There Was Azato
• Bridges and Knives
• Martial Discipline and The Way of Peace ll


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Classical Fighting Arts #15

• Chotoku Kyan's Memories of Karate (1942)
• Delayed Death Touch-A Medical Possibility
• Fumio Demura-The Interview
• Kenwa Mabuni The Father of Shito Ryu
• Yong Chun Boxing & Its Transmission to Okinawa
• GIRI-The Samurai & Their Obligations
• The Hawaii Karate Museum


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Classical Fighting Arts #16

• An interview with Fumio Demura Part 2
• Martial Arts Legends: Mabuni Kenwa Part 2
• Chinese Martial Virtue
• One Heart One Still-Isshin Ryu Karate's Tsuyoshi Uechi Sensei on his style.
• Training at the Birthplace of Karate-The trip of Lifetime!
• Bodhidharma, Shaolin, & Chinese Boxing in the eyes of Japan's Karate Pioneers.
• Some Thoughts on Teaching Karate.


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Classical Fighting Arts #17

• Minoru Higa, 10th Dan - Master of the Kyudokan Dojo
• The Place of Competition Karate
• Recollections of Choki Motobu
• The Central National Arts Academy
• "There are no Fixed Postures in Karate"
• Budo As a Religion
• Chinese Martial Arts Research


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Classical Fighting Arts #18

• Hojo Undo - The Powerhouse of Goju Ryu
• Martial Arts and The Law
• Uechi Ryu Legend Ryuko Tomoyose 10th Dan Hanshi
• Kata & Bunkai
• China's Central Academy of Martial Arts II
• JKA Sochin Kata
• Martial Daoism
• Tak Kubota: The Master of Disaster
• Nittten Soji - Ritual Cleansing


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Classical Fighting Arts #19

• Isamu Arakaki - The Leader of Okinawan Karate
• On the Karate Mentality
• Many Students or Few: How to Judge Success
• Shotokan Kata by Keinosuke Enoeda: Sochin Part II
• Uechi Ryu Grand Master Ryuko Tomoyose Interview Part II
• Awamori: The Spirit of Okinawa
• Oriental and Western Fighting Arts
• Swordsmen to Civil Servants


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Classical Fighting Arts #20

• The Karate of Chotoku Kyan
• A Shimabukuro Family Tradition
• Kenwa Kanna: The Emperor's Admiral,
Karate's First Ambassador
• Shotokan Weapons: Gichin Funakoshi's Forgotten Arts
• Goju Ryu Kata: Timeless and Unchanging
• To'on Ryu: Goju Ryu's Elusive Cousin
• O-Tsuna Hiki: The Naha Giant Tug-of-War


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Classical Fighting Arts #21

Yoshio Kuba, 9th Dan Goju Ryu
Okinawa: A Karate Pilgrimage
The Karate of Chotoku Kyan, Part 2
The House of Chan Mi Gwa
Tou'on Ryu II: Goju Ryu's Elusive Cousin
Ankoh Itosu Remembered


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Classical Fighting Arts #22

Interview with Seisho Itokazu
Konan Ryu's Iron Man
Shotokan: Lacking in Circular Techniques?
Training in Okinawa
Chotoku Kyan: Milk for Karate
The 1867 Martial Arts Demonstration
Is It Really Zen?
Okinawan Dance & Karate


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Classical Fighting Arts #23

An Interview With Tsutomu

Nakahodo 10th Dan Uechi Ryu.
Satori Through Karate
Japan Karate Association:
The Good old Days.
Chan Mi: Milk for Karate Part II.
Funakoshi’s New Shotokan Techniques.
Isshin Ryu: A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma.
Judo as Moral Education.


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Classical Fighting Arts #24

An Interview with Eiki Kurashita - Goju Ryu Master

Three Heroes of Karate
The Empty Cup Myth
Judo As Moral Education
Kousaka Yokota on Shotokan Karate
Chotoku Kyan: Milk for Karate III
Shotokan's Heian Bunkai Mysteries
Qi Jiguang Chinese Boxing


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Classical Fighting Arts #25

An Interview with Morio Higaonna Sensei, 10th Dan Hanshi

How to Stand by Isamu Arakaki Sensei, 10th Dan Hanshi
History of Uechi Ryu by Kyoshi Takamiyagi Sensei 10th Dan Hanshi
Karate Danwa, Conversations with Karate Masters. Part II Zensho Toyama Sensei 10th Dan Hanshi
Okinawa Kata Champion-Kazuko Arakaki
Secret Key Points of Shotokan’s Tekki Shodan-Kousaku Yokota 8th Dan
JKA-Thoughts from Japan by Dr. David Hooper


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Classical Fighting Arts #26

The Goju Ryu Centenary Event, Okinawa 2015

An Interview with Morio Higaonna Sensei Part 2
Inside the JKA: Training at the World Headquarters of Shotokan in Tokyo
The Future of Okinawan Karate, Zenpo Shimabukuro Sensei
Interview of Okinawan Kata Champion K. Arakaki
In The Footprints of Kanbun Uechi: The History of Uechi Ryu, conclusion


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Classical Fighting Arts #27

An Interview with Takenobu Uehara Uechi Ryu 10th Dan Hanshi
Yoshitaka Funakoshi: Father of Shotokan Karate?

Memories of the Oyama Dojo
Bushido: The Way of the Knight
The Role of Boxing in Ming Period Martial Arts
The Bujutsu-Budo Stereotype
Japan Karate Association Report


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Classical Fighting Arts vol. 3 #51

An Interview with Hiroshi Akamine SenseiKiyoshi, 8th Dan.
by CFA Staff

An Interview with Shuichi Aragaki Sensei by CFA Staff
Yoshitaka Funakoshi:
Father of Modern Shotokan?
by Graham Noble
Japan Karate Association
( 日本空手協会 ) Report
by Dr. David H. Hooper, Ph.D
Tokyo, Japan
Conversations with Franz Bork:
Karate Needs Perseverance
by Matthias Golinski
The Tenchi Dojo
by CFA Staff


Price $8.95

Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #52

Giko Funakoshi: Father of Modern Shotokan? III

JKA Shotokan: Too Many Experts!
Fighting Tradition of Japan
Memories of the Oyama Dojo
Part III
Karate Poems
Shinyu Gushi: Real Karate!


Price $8.95

Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #53

Hirokuni Yamashiro: The First Interview

Gogen Yamaguchi: The Cat of Goju Ryu
JKA Shotokan: Thoughts from Japan
Keinosuke Enoeda's Kanku Sho Kata
Ju-jitsu: The Ancient Art of Self-Defense by Sleight of Body
Memories of the Oyama Dojo Part 4


Price $8.95

Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #54

An Interview with Yoshio Kuba

Modern Martial Arts
Twenty Questions and Answers with Lou Angel
Translation Problems in Funakoshi’s Biography
Kanku Sho Kata Part 2
Memories of the Oyama Dojo Part V
Balance: From A Textbook of Ju-jutsu as Practiced in Japan
Ken and Hanako: A Karate Saga


Price $8.95

Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #55

Choko Kiyuna Sensei, 10th Dan Director General, Karate Shinkokai

Hiroshi Higaonna’s The Japanese Way of Karate Do
Stick Fighting: The Path to Zen Ken Ren Jodo
Japanese Jujutsu:
Leopold the Great
The Japanese Crane, A Quiet Awareness
Ken and Hanako: A Karate Saga


Price $8.95

Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #56

Okinawa Karate Kaikan

Choshin Chibana's Karate Legacy
Kanazawa's Nunchaku
Training at the Gokokuji Shrine
Jiu Jitsu Combat Tricks
The Ripper!
Ken & Hanako: A Karate Saga


Price $8.95

Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #57

An Interview with Isshin Ryu’s Tsuyoshi Uechi

Choshin Chibana’s Karate Legacy Part 2
The Truth About Gichin Funakoshi’s Shotokan
Kanazawa’s Nunchaku Part 2
Morihei Ueshiba’s Aikido
The Medical Implications of Karate Training


Price $8.95


Classical Fighting Arts vol.3 #58

Machi Dojo:The Past and Future of Real Karate

Kuramoto Sensei at the CFA Seminars
Olympic Karate: JKA Thoughts from Japan
Tsutomu Nakahoho, CFA Interview
Tsuneo Kinjo Sensei: Talking About Karate
Gichin Funakoshi’s Exquisite Art Part II
Shotokan’s Gankaku Kata by Keinosuke Enoeda
The Soft Touch Method of Katsuhiko Shinzato Sensei


Price $8.95





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Brian Kennedy, J.D.
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