As a serious publication, our policy is one of continual improvement through research. CFA contributing editors have made many of the most important discoveries about the history of karate in the last twenty years, and while doing so, made CFA magazine the world’s most important source of traditional karate data.


Our research projects yield important results that benefit the whole karate community. Here are just a few that we are currently working on:


A Pictorial History of Karate

This book brings karate’s rich history to life through the images and biographies of the most famous karate masters from the 19th century onwards. A collaborative effort involving many of the greatest karate scholars and masters of our times, it will stand as the ultimate reference to karate for this, and future generations.


Hard bound A4 size ( 8.5” x 12”) lavishly illustrated book printed on the highest quality European coated paper, (Pavarotti Silk). This volume is a celebration of the history of karate and Okinawa, the tiny island nation that gave the world its unique fighting art!



The History of Karate - Goju Ryu; New edition.

The fourth edition of this landmark book by Morio Higaonna 10th Dan Hanshi, Goju Ryu, returns to its original large format. This is the story of Goju Ryu karate, gleaned from face-to-face interviews by the author of senior students of Chojun Miyagi, and his teacher, Kanryo Higaonna, over the course of thirty years.


Widely regarded as the definitive work on the subject, this latest edition has been updated to include material discovered since first publication, as well as a collection of previously unpublished historical photographs.


Hardbound 220+ pages size 7.5” x 9.5” printed on Pavarotti Silk coated art paper.



The Karate Do Kenkyukai

The Karate Study Group, is a Not For Profit (NPO) Foundation that exists to preserve and promote traditional karate; carry out research into the art and its history, and organize training in Okinawa for its members with the living legends of karate.


Regardless of their style or affiliation, our members may participate in seminars with the best teachers in the world as a group, or in private dojo, share technical and historical information, and involve themselves in projects designed to improve our historical and technical knowledge of the art.



CFA Trivia

Did you kow that CFA staff provided much of the martial arts material and expertise for Peter Sellers' Pink Panther movies?


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